The Accidental Stay At Home Mom

Quick question, have you ever landed a job or been handed a job that you really didn’t want or weren’t mentally prepared to take? Well that’s basically what happened to me when I became a SAHM. I didn’t want to be a stay at home mom at the time but I did not want to stay at my current job either due to the toxic work environment. So what do you do when you’re dealt a hand that you weren’t expecting to play? Do you fold or do you figure out how to navigate through the cards you’ve been dealt in the best possible way so that you come out on top like the winner you know you are?

If you know anything about me then you know I chose the latter. One thing that you can say about me is that I never give up and I’m going to be persistent in all that I do. So here we are today in 2018 and I’ve been a SAHM for THREE years now! And dare I add that I actually enjoy staying home with my kids and being the C.E.O. of my household! It’s definitely not for everyone and it’s definitely not a cake job. It involves a lot of time and effort spent away from your home running around in circles with your kids while you’re out running errands for the household…meanwhile your home is in shambles and your hubby walks through the door wondering what you did all day! But it’s all worth it and I know my kids will look back on these years and appreciate the time we have spent together in their adolescence which will help mold them and shape them for the future. I’m excited to share my life experiences with you and my journey in pursuing happiness in my life through family, fitness, health and motherhood.

A little backstory on why I’m starting a blog. The short answer is I enjoy writing and sharing information with people via social media. The long story is, in 2015, after 15 years in Corporate America, being a working mom and wife, trying to venture back into the higher education world by obtaining my Master’s Degree, I had a mini breakdown trying to hold it all together. The breakdown was most definitely fueled by my toxic job and work environment that I was going to Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. Needless to say, the breakdown was my catalyst into staying home and becoming a stay at home mom and wife while I mentally and physically get myself back together so that I can rejoin the corporate world when I chose to do so. And as the saying goes…”When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

I’m excited to publish my first blog post. This blog is a labor of love that I’ve been wanting to put out for awhile but let the feeling of not being good enough prevent me from moving forward. Who can relate? Having something that you would like to do but never really taking the plunge to get it done. Well, I’ve officially decided that this is my time of manifestation. I refuse to sit on the sidelines, watching other people live out their dreams while I just wish upon a star for mine. No thank you! That type of mindset is so last year, time to move over and walk in my destiny. Who’s with me?



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  1. Nikki B.

    Kiva is one of the “realest” people I know! And in the midst of raising 3 kids you manage to find time to encourage and support others (like me going through nursing school!) Keep up the great work and congrats on getting your blog started… looking forward to all that’s to come!

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  2. Yvette Fontin

    Congrats! You are a great wife and excellent mother. Follow your heart and trust God. You don’t know how many people you will help with your writing. I am a fan

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  3. LaToya

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am PROUD of YOU, Kiva! You being apart of my life and family is not an accident. It is by divine order. For you, I am thankful and forever inspired. I love you, Fam. Go and be great!

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  4. NYCTechMommy

    You are awesome for making this dream come true for yourself! I can totally relate to your story, toxic work environment, becoming the SAHM although you’d never though you’d never do that! I too became a SAHM and it changed my life forever. I’ve enjoyed watching my kids grow over the past 4 years and I started my blog 3 years ago. Now I’m a WAHM. It’s opened so many doors and totally changed my quality of life. I’m not looking back! Can’t wait to follow along on your journey and welcome to the blogging world!

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  5. Kelsey

    I am finally taking the plunge with my cake and food blog so I know how you feel. I have to is fo anxiety but I know that powering through and being authentic will lead me to success! I can’t wait to read about your adventures.

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  6. Omj

    Kiva, there is absolutely nothing you cannot do. Your glow and passion for life lights up the world for all to see. Don’t ever quit pursuing your dreams – they will take you further than you thought you could go! Great blog, looking forward to more!

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