Top Five Places To Shop for Kids Clothes On a Budget

I recently took my children to have their Christmas pictures taken with Santa. So of course, in true mom fashion I had to coordinate all three of my kid’s outfits. Yes! I’m that mom that plans out the clothing details for each special occasion. Don’t you?

Buying a new outfit every time a momentous occasion rolls around can get expensive. To eliminate spending extra cash, I first start with what they have in each of their own wardrobe. That’s how I get my creative juices flowing and figure out which color scheme I will go with. I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing, but in the African – American community, it doesn’t matter if you were born twins or not, at some point you dressed alike with your sibling(s) photo shoot or not. I have photo evidence of me and my brother wearing the same outfits as kids and we are not twins!

I don’t like spending mega bucks on clothing for children since they grow out of them so fast and they can’t really appreciate the value of the clothing anyway. I tend to shop throughout the year on the clearance racks and keep certain occasions in mind as I’m purchasing items. And like any pro shopper knows, it pays to purchase items out of season to get the best deals! Below I’m sharing with you the top five places I shop for kids clothes while sticking to a budget. I’m no personal stylist, and I may be biased but I think my coordinated outfits for photoshoots have turned out well. Comment below and let me know if any of your top places make my list!

Bealls Outlet

I’m new to shopping at Bealls Outlet as I have been shopping at their main store, Bealls, for years. I was pleasantly surprised to find great options for my boys when I shopped for their Christmas shoot. The best part is their prices are very reasonably priced so no coupons required!

Both of my boys shirt’s came from Bealls Outlet

JC Penny’s

Earlier in the year we did a family maternity shoot. My oldest son is ten and seems to be growing out of his clothes at the speed of lightning.  The shirt I had originally picked for him to wear did not fit anymore so I made a quick run over to my neighborhood mall and headed straight for JC Penny’s because I knew I would easily be able to find something for him. A lot of people sleep on JC Penny’s for kids options, which is fine with me because that leaves more options for me!

My husband and my oldest son’s shirt both came from JC Penny’s

Crazy 8

As a boy mom, it’s often hard to find cute and stylish clothes for boys. Most stores have just the basic plaid, stripes and plain color shirts. I can always count on Crazy 8 to have up to date stylish attire that can fit any occasion.  I saw these African print shirts in their store and decided to grab one each for my two boys, not knowing that they would be the perfect addition to our Black History photo shoot we participated in. I love Crazy 8 also because at least 2-3 times a year they mark their ENTIRE store down to $12.99 & $9.99 and I rack up for my boys during those sales. Be sure to subscribe to their email list so you can stay up to date on their sale cycles. 

Aren’t these shirts adorable? Thank you Crazy 8!

The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my go to store as a first time mom. I think every single piece of clothing my oldest child owned came from there from the age of 0 – 5 years. I’ve since branched out to other stores but this store is definitely my all time favorite. I still shop their clearance rack year round for super cheap deals that you can’t just say no to. It’s also my favorite store to gift clothing items. If you’re a girl mom they have the cutest dresses!

My oldest son’s shirt came from The Children’s Place

Old Navy

Old Navy is great because you can shop for your entire family there! Everyone get’s an outfit without breaking the bank. You get an outfit! You get an outfit! And yes, even mom can throw something in the cart for herself too! What’s not to love about a one stop shop kind of store?

My youngest son’s shirt and my oldest son’s pants are from Old Navy

Honorable Mentions…

Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are my go to places to shop for kids clothes as well. I don’t really go there specifically to shop for clothes but if I’m ever in there I make sure to scan the clearance racks in the kids sections and usually come out with a few hard to pass up items.


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  1. Sharon Lopez

    I also love outfit coordination during especial events. Though I am not sure if we have these store outlets in our place. I think I already heard about Old Navy as a brand.

    Love your family pics. They are all awesome!


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